Who’s up for a voluntary Maths test?

I am, apparently (UK Maths Challenge). But only so I can beat Hiten (oooh – first names on this blog!) which is stupid because I’ve got no chance of doing it. It was incredibly hard as always. I’m not competitive really. Promise started it. On the other hand, it’d make Eton more fun. Jason wasn’t involved at all, but he just wanted to be mentioned here. Jason Jason Jason.

The point of that very silly paragraph was two-fold.

a) To demonstrate why I try not to go into the gory details of school on this blog. Because it’s boring to read and makes no sense to anyone. I said try, because sometimes it’s unavoidable.

b) To sneak in the fact I’ve changed my mind about going to Eton without anyone noticing. I still hate, no no, loathe the place but I might as well go and get the T-Shirt.

While I’m here, I might as well carry on talking about school, so you can all stop reading now.

My form tutor emailed to say, and I quote: you don’t ‘have’ to be nice but isn’t it nicer when everyone is?? (see this post). I think she’s got some wonderful idea that everyone is really a good person at heart. Many new(ish) teachers think like that at the beginning My last form tutor ended up going to Australia!

In other news – Star Trek: Enterprise got cancelled. It needed it.

[Mental note – don’t blog when you get back from school. Writing skills don’t seem to be present.]

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