Quick round up of the week

– No maths teacher (he’s been off skiing) means no work has been done, instead we’ve listened to our supply teacher lament “you people, who think you’re so hip and cool, come to school and do nothing!” He has a point I suppose; I am hip and cool. :-p

– Science trip on Thursday was much more exciting than expected. Owls flying about, things exploding, electron microscopes. Oh, and I had to run madly through London to make it back after lunch. Mental note – Big Ben has a clock on it for a reason.

The Kye Kye Hope Trust, a very worthy organisation whose website is being worked on by a girl at school, needs someone to link to it for Google Page Rank goodness. So here you go.

– Blair said: To say our NHS today is worse than it was in those Tory years, to see Michael Howard – who sat for 10 years in that cabinet as they cut it, starved it of resources, sneered at its values – to see him take the case of someone in pain and use it to run down and denigrate the whole of our NHS, should make any decent, right-thinking person turn away in disgust. I really like that quote. Labour’s made some bloody awful decisions, but the NHS is a success story and they deserve credit for it.

– Q Magazine described the new series of Doctor Who, scheduled to return on 26th March, as “must-see TV for everyone”. It’s almost here!

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Quick round up of the week

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    Hi D
    Just wanna say thanks alot for linking to my site, it means so much to me. i mean this isn’t just any website, this website is helping to improve the life of my cousin (she has Encephalitis AND water on the brain – basically brain damage x2). So yeah thank you, and check it out

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