I’m in a really great mood, and so I thought I’d completely rip off Nathan’s latest dose of blogging to bring you an account of my fantastic spending spree at PC World. (No don’t worry, didn’t buy a computer there. And I wasn’t paying either!)

For PC1, bought circa 1999, we got another XP upgrade, 256MB of extra RAM, a Belkin wireless network card and a table to keep it all on. All for Natasha’s room, a proper little upgrade for the oldest networked PC.

Then, after being brought down to earth for a while to assemble the bloody table (we did it the wrong way round – twice) it was time to order PC4 from trust ol’ Dell. 3.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive and a lovely 19″ flat screen to sit on my dad’s desk. And finally, my wish to standardise a home network on XP SP2 will be complete. No more blue screen, no more crashing and burning Windows 9x, just pure XP bliss. And not a Mac in sight Pingu – we like our computers to come with monitors included. :-p

My good mood even extended to hunting down a bunch of obscure music for Tash. Including Steps. Proof that technology does not bring you taste.

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  1. Rob says:

    Sounds like somebodys made their PC’s happy

  2. Pingu says:

    Ooeerrr – why not build it?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Cause I’m lazy and don’t like responsibility

    No honestly – I love Dell. They deal with you straight and give you want you want instead of some hideous package deal with shitty components ala PC World. Plus their machines look lovely…!

  4. Pingu says:

    Yeah I do like the Dell machines – our work contract is them, and I’ve delt with them quite a lot – they are good.

    But come one – their prices are just scary. Each time I build a PC, I always have a look what it would cost on the dell site – always 50-100%+ more.

  5. Katie Self says:

    Yay your in a good mood no black eyes tonight!

  6. Red Dalek says:

    You’re obsessed! [rolls eyes]

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