David Tennant IS Doctor Who (plus school stuff – sorry readers)

Woo yay! Who’s David Tennant? Ah well, Doctor #10 at least.

School has been weird the last few days with only our year group there – a big improvement to be honest. You forget how annoying young people are until they go…

School has got its act together at last and given out the exam timetable. (After pressure from my blog? Nah…) The hardest subject – Languages – always seem to be first up, y español es muy difícil.

ICT Coursework, on the other hand, is easy but very time consuming. I need to finish it, like, now and then I’m done coursework wise. Fin. No more coursework. Not a sausage.

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3 Comments on :
David Tennant IS Doctor Who (plus school stuff – sorry readers)

  1. alex trafford says:

    Great old man you’d make; those darnfounded young’uns playing their noisy video games and what not while your trying to do your coursework!!:twisted:

  2. Katie Self says:

    Yay a GOOD new doctor. But I still like Chris. lol

  3. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    I’m Hypa :d

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