Really NOT funny

So a fox dies and starts rotting underneath the school. Everyone gets the rest of the week off apart from us. What, are we supposed to be able to deal with the stink better or something? This is cruelty!

Oh, and any chance of getting the exam timetable sometime? You know, before the actual exams would be nice. Grrr… what a moany post this is turning out to be. It wasn’t the best day. It was pouring with rain as I walked to school too.

At least tonight is bumper TV night (Apprentice & Desperate Housewives). And Labour released their manifesto – which actually has full sentences in, unlike the pathetic Conservative bandwagon offering. Nice.

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Really NOT funny

  1. Well you have exams to study for!
    And besides we’re not getting the rest of the week off, it’s "private home study."

    The letter we got says that the hall isn’t affected so the people with real exams won’t mind. (or something along those lines, but that is their excuse)

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Something tells me you won’t be doing much ‘private home study’ any time soon

  3. alex trafford says:

    Well only because I have nothing to do, if we’d had more notice I could have got some nice maths revision.

  4. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Dont completely slag off the Conservatives that makes me sad

  5. alex trafford says:

    Any excuse to advertise, eh?
    But then I suppose you can spam on your own blog.

  6. Red Dalek says:

    Me? Never!

    Talking of spam – had a piece slip through the Blacklist today, first time that’s happened in ages.

  7. alex trafford says:

    You’re response time to spam must be pretty fast because I’ve never seen any.

  8. alex trafford says:

    Wow, totally irrelevant but do you know how many of your posts have the word "page" in them.

  9. El Barto says:

    The week off for the rest of your school

    For the last 2 months we have had to put up with the smells and sites of dead rats and mice in our form room with the central heating turned up which as you can imagine really smells the place out!

    As for study leave, we aren’t having ANY!!! the school feels it’s better to come in and do it as a group to get more done. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen with those bunch of *****

  10. Red Dalek says:

    It’s a point of view Ragnarok – just like you’re free to slag off Labour and promote the Tories. (Btw, there’s lots of Conservative friendly posts at Election 2005, – take a look)

  11. Alex Newman says:

    English schools are so different from American ones. If I moved to London, I think I would be more confused than if I started college next year.

  12. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    I like spamming (unrelavent)
    A vote for Liberal is a waste of time NEVER (sarcastic)

  13. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Actually i dont mind who wins ( except Labour)

  14. Rob says:

    So then, really you kind of do mind who wins

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