London Marathon

London Marathon

A big shout out to my uncle Andrew who we cheered on today during the last mile of the London Marathon, raising money for some worthy charity or other. Earlier, Paula Radcliffe had shocked the nation by completing a race, and Kenyan Martin Lel won the men’s competition. (Shocked by seeing sport in this blog? Think the comment about Paula was too harsh? Had nightmares from watching Doctor Who? Send your complaints to…)

Meh, let’s pad this entry out with a nice picture:

London Marathon

Anyone who spots Wally wins a prize

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5 Comments on :
London Marathon

  1. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    I found Wally?

    Survey: Should Paula Radcliffe peed in the street?

  2. Andy says:

    This is Uncle Andy and I’m honoured to be on your site. Queen Paula will be peed off with you though…

  3. Red Dalek says:

    To Ragnarok: Well it’s better than the alternatives…!

  4. El Barto says:

    I knew 6 people running it yesterday

    I didn’t go and cheer them on though because i’m too lazy and can’t be bothered to stand around for hours but did wish them luck.

    And yes, Paula should have peed. She apoligised and how many people (boys) can say they have’nt peed in the street before? (veeeery loooong time ago)

  5. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    I didnt know that she did peed LOL she stopped for a min but i thought she had leg cramp but she peed thereLOL

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