Just got back from my second Hat Trick recording – Room 101. Was expecting it to be good since it’s hosted by Paul Merton, someone I’ve loved for ages. And then he announced the guest – Alan Sugar! Fucking hell! Paul Merton and Alan Sugar sitting together chatting, and I was 3 rows away from the front… that was just spectacular. Agreed with all his choices as well, he makes a great impression as someone who really speaks his mind and doesn’t act up for the cameras. He was also very honourable – not mentioning people by name when slagging them off. An all round decent bloke is the feeling I got.

I repeat – WOW!

(Oh, and no, I’m not after a job Sir Alan – he did put schmoozers in after all!)

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  1. God says:

    what where his choices?????????????????

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Schmoozers, male wigs, call centres and football agents.

    [Edit – oh, and stupid American expressions. Good man!]

  3. Pingu says:

    You lucky cunt!

  4. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    u so lucky!

  5. Bagman says:

    yesterday i saw dead ringers get filmed. It was really good. As we waited to get into the actual centre, we saw the two presenters of top of the pops saturday, sam and mark, man those guys are annoyin, i managed to take a picture of one of them looking really vain. When we got into the centre, we were told to wait in a certain room. Me and my friends decided not to, and instead we explored the building. We got into every corridor in the joint. Security was no-where to be seen. We could have had a bomb or something, but anyway we went around, and we got a very angry look from one of the cast of dead ringers. We then waited in the specified room which was filled with either very old middle classed people, or young rich teenagers whose parents no doubt have considerable wealth. When we got in to the studio, the fun began. There was a warm up guy who was quite entertaining, but if thats how he earns his living, i might consider gettin that job. We had to laugh excessively at the jokes which were funny in the beggining but when they fluffed they got a bit lame. We sat there for four hours which will ultimatly be half an hour. Overall the night was awesome. I would like to thank this website for informing me on how to gain tickets for this gig. By the way, dominic i know this isn’t really a comment but its because of you i can write it. THE END

  6. Ragnarok_Warrior says:

    Again Lucky

  7. god says:

    no swearing bitch

  8. Tasha says:

    and pointless adverts i thought?

  9. Red Dalek says:

    Yeah – I forgot that. Adverts which don’t tell you what they’re advertising.

  10. Navito UK says:

    Alan Sugar didn’t come across as such a nice chap in his interview for The Chris Moyles Show on Radio One. He didn’t know Dominic Byrne was due to interview him and was a bit grumpy, winding the interview up himself. Not a man who suffers fools gladly (not that Dominic’s a fool).

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