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You may have noticed I’ve had a few days off blogging. This is due to my new found desire to sleep and play Spider Solitaire – although not at the same time. Today, though, I actually had something timetabled and structured to do – the presentation of our Progress Files!

I like my Progress File. This is because I spent time putting stuff in it before handing it in, and this is exactly what was just handed back to me, along with an extra sticker on the front. The high-achieving Progress Files also got called up separately, so everyone could see you receive yet more book tokens. Ah, school is fun when there’s no work.

Tomorrow I go back into school at the horrendously early time of 9.30am for Sixth Form day, and then there’s the Prom in the evening to look forward to. On a boat. On the Thames.

Elsewhere, the Year 8s have been doing exams, and Natasha probably regrets asking for my help to revise Science. (We established that sound can travel through a box full of air even if it’s marked ‘vacuum’ on the outside.) And Nic has finally won an award for Rubery Village. Hooray!

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Progress Files

  1. Tommorow is 6th form induction day. This is gonna be ok i guess. Us older students get to now walk around the skool during lesson times guilt free. We can intimidate ppl (not that i would)

  2. I went through all the information on sound along with every other scrap of information about everything we learnt all year and the exam was only 14 pages of easy questions that were only the very basics of the concepts.And none of the equations we were told were essential

    Anyway have fun on Sixth form day and at the prom despite my moaning.

  3. El Barto says:

    AHHH, Thunder
    *Off topic I know and i aploligise but there’s been non-stop fork lightning here for the last 3hours and it’s happening every 3-5secs! I’d blog about it but I can’t as it’s down so I’ve used you Dom

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