I am having the greatest week

Seriously – sleeping late, then enjoying the summer sun and paddling pool in the garden – with no work, deadlines or stress. It rocks! I don’t know why I didn’t leave school much earlier…

Talking of school, I just got good news on my Sixth Form choices (they can do most of it) but I’ll wait until it’s actually official before ‘announcing’ my A level choices on here.

Part of my free time has been spent enjoying some nice DVDs, two of which I want to write about right now. Brass Eye may be 8 years old but it’s still a brilliant satire – countless laugh out loud scenes – and the Daily Mail hated it, which always endears a programme to me. Chris Morris is so very Paxman like at times, with the over the top absurdity of tabloid television. “If this were real, how would you feel about it?”

And not to mention the utter brilliance of duping idiot celebrities into recording sincere warnings about the dangers of “heavy electricity… caused by sodomised electrons” or mouthing “and THAT is scientific fact. There’s no real ‘evidence’ for it, but it scientific fact.”

The second DVD was Star Trek Nemesis, which we got lent the other day. As a long-time Trek fan it’s surprising I went this long without seeing it – and had always imagined it has flopped at the box office because it was this dark, mature film. I was wrong. It flopped at the box office because it had no plot to speak of. Seriously – I’m usually very good at missing gaping plot holes – but even I knew that Nemesis made not a shred of sense. This site sums it up nicely. Nice to see Patrick Stewart again though.

Tomorrow, I’m (probably) going to Brighton. Unfortunately there will be no young children with me to disguise the geekiness of going to see the Doctor Who Exhibition.

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I am having the greatest week

  1. Well dont go to brighton in the storm as it just kinda started

  2. El Barto says:

    I know how you feel Dom! Freedom. I do have that firday feeling I thought I’d get and I’ve never felt better

    Enjoy Brighton

  3. Well finally someone else who is enjoying summer as much as I am. Friday was apparently the worlds happiest day. But there are far too many people not enjoying the joys off life. Why are people depressed? There is no real reason in the world why people can be unhappy. Can anyone think of a good reason?

  4. Sam says:

    That’s an ignorant comment

  5. Red Dalek says:

    Or possibly not entirely serious Sam?

  6. People would be unhappy if there parents died THATS a real reason

  7. Rob says:

    Unless they really, really wanted them to die maybe – Still, not the point!

  8. Death is also nothing to fear no mourn. It is expected anyway. So start smiling and enjoying life

  9. Sanna says:

    Um….. Jay wants me to argue against him, but I agree with him. Like the exact opposite of the Blair/Bush relationship – Blair doesn’t really agree with Bush, but goes along with it. Or…. something. OK, it made sense in my head. Have I wasted enough cyberspace now, Jay?

  10. yes you have. Well done you

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