Batman Began

Let’s get this straight. Batman Begins is a formulaic film with no shades of grey. Characters are either totally good, or really really bad. There’s a love interest in the form of the lovely Katie Holmes, a car chase, a monorail and a cute child who stands there for a while looking scared. And martial arts. And the obvious sequel set-ups. It’s Hollywood!

However, Batman Begins is still a great film. Not deep, but well made, well directed, well acted blockbuster that continues the good run of comic-book inspired films we’ve had recently, most notable Spiderman. It’s just great fun! And believe me, I saw Batman and Robin.

Much better than War of the Worlds plot-wise too. Go see.

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Batman Began

  1. Chanoey says:

    hey dom…i’m not sure whether ive posted on her b4 or not but anyway was just going to say that i saw batman begins on friday and thought it was okay…not as good as batman forever(lol).
    I’m seeing fantastic four on saturday and sooo cant wait..its my favourite comic book ever.

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