RIP Edward Heath

Edward Heath was clearly someone who had to content with a lot as Prime Minister in an era where the unions were not playing the role that they should do. He was someone who supported the welfare state, and although I don’t know a great deal about him, I was touched by this quote from the end of the BBC News obituary:

“What wounded him most was the sight of the party he loved rejecting the things he had believed in for a lifetime.”

For a party that desperately needs to get over Thatcher, there’s a lesson there.

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RIP Edward Heath

  1. Red Dalek says:

    OMG! The website of a book which outright loathes the welfare state publishes an article in the Daily Express saying that they don’t like Edward Heath very much?


  2. BigBroMan says:

    I feel sort of, vindicated in what I said. Proved right – if you will….

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