Kayak Capsize

At the end of this week’s Enrichement session this afternoon Rishal and I volunteered to do capsizing as part of getting the One Star Award (you gotta start somewhere). The first time we were rubbish, too keen to get up for air and then ungracefully trying to undo the spray-deck sideways. And belatedly hitting the boat like you’re supposed to. The second attempt was much better – once we grasped that gravity is very useful at pulling you down and out under the water. Cheers, Newton.

Anyway – as you’d expect I was soaking wet and freezing, and thanks to certain laziness on behalf of the minibus driver had to walk all the way home carrying half the canal back in a bag of wet clothes and trainers. But it was worth it!

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Kayak Capsize

  1. Bubb says:

    what a thrilling experience. Not only was you kayaking in shark infested waters, not only was you swimming around with a giant squid, but you walked home through the dangerous woods, where wolves are known to dress as your grandparents. How did dom survive you must wonder?

    Well he used in-vince-able, the new deoderant that will save your life in any situation. Try it yourself.

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