Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I rounded off my extended weekend by seeing this film, and wow, Tasha actually had a point when she described it as the best – film – ever. Well I wouldn’t go that far, but it certainly rocks and is much improved from the first three movies.

[Note – If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to skip the rest of this post.]

Best bit of the film: undoubtedly the scene with the Death Eaters at Quidditch World Cup. Far scarier than any confrontation with Voldemort could ever be because it felt very real – the costumes and fire deliberately invoking the terror of the KKK. I mean, I doubt I’ll ever be locked in a wand-duel with a wizard, but I can definitely imagine being in a big crowd of terrified people as a violent group wrecks havoc. Sinister!

Oh, and if you didn’t feel sorry for Hermione at the ball you clearly weren’t investing enough emotionally

The challenges of the Triwizard Tournament were all very well done as you’d expect, and the film benefits from ditching most of the traditional Hogwarts stuff. (We don’t need to see another lesson with Snape to get the point.) However, it still falls down at points when trying to catch up with Rowling’s text. One minute everyone hates Harry (well, one scene in fact) but that’s all forgotten pretty quickly (the next scene actually). Rita Skeeter is disappointingly never really developed… she writes an article about Harry and then, ur, what exactly?

Overall though, the film is a triumph. Just make sure you’ve read the books first!

Edit: How could I forget?! The thrill of suddening seeing the good Doctor appear in the middle of a scene, now that was cool!

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I agree
    Great movie, but about half of the book was left out

  2. Jake says:

    i wanna go see the movie looks good

  3. El Barto says:

    Errr, Harry Potter

    Btw, fell on the floor laughing when you said ‘Bell’ at lunch. I remember those!

  4. Left out half the book, true, but this time they left out unimportant stuff, unlike the other films.

    The films are no competition for the books, althought I thought this one was the first film to really do the book justice, or as much as a film can.

    Defineately agree about the scariest moment being the KKK like rampage by death eaters! Scary

    And your right, of course, they left out loads of Rita from the book. The few scenes she was in though: brilliant!

  5. Pingu says:

    I watched it last night – no time for the cinema so I downloaded it. There’s a fucking brilliant telesync out.

    Anyway… it was alright. I didn’t think it was a patch on any of the first three, but I did enjoy it a lot.
    I never got round to reading the 4th book (read the first 3 before seeing the films), and I did feel I was missing a bit from the ending – I was just a bit ‘WTF?’.

  6. Ragnarok says:

    Lol it was great although they left out half of the book, the people i went with were in tears, but there i was laughing

  7. larry k says:

    good but not greatthe book way way better, too much left out espc with that rita skeeter woman, and i have to disagree with you self i could have had more scenes in the classroom , than just 2 lousy 1s ,because hogwarts is a school after all ,need nothing more to say. and thats how i roll . CC

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