I always wondered if I had a mild fear of telephones. Not the actual phone itself, just making calls to someone. A slight nervous feeling – the odd moment at the beginning when you wonder if it’s a bad time, or they can’t quite remember who you are from your voice, or something. Then I read this rather disturbing account and realised that I was being ridiculous and that a slight nervousness and preference for e-mail \ IM \ in-person communication instead is nothing compared to thinking that a hearing a ringtone is “as though someone hit you across the back of the head with a two-by-four”. Phew!

Anyway – I only mention that cause I just phoned an old friend from primary school who I haven’t seen properly for ages. Weird feeling. But lovely to speak to them again! Thanks to Rob and El Barto for shouting at me to shut up and use the damn phone

What else? Oh yes – Jeffrey Archer! Or should I say… Lord Archer? I’m so pleased to see him back in the news again. As Sky News put it – the decision to readmit him back to the Tory party is a case of either modern or compassionate conservative, but certainly not both

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  1. Senor smoke says:

    what is better lying to help someone or lying to help your self , i believe jeffrey archer would know, muuuuuuuuuhaha haaaa

  2. Rob says:

    Suprised you remembered that person from year 6! Unless she was someone special

  3. Jake says:

    awww primary school crushes lol i had plenty of em but now i find the 1 i loved with someone else i thought my heart would be broken but i wasnt really arsed

  4. El Barto says:

    Glad it worked out! Lucky the number was still the same as well.

    It worked out for me today ‘cos I found the # key on my Apple keyboard! Wooo (I know, I took my time!)

  5. Catman says:

    I tried to put my house keys in an apple, al the happened was lotsa mess, but i did manage to draw a #

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