Welcome to 2006

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2006. On the recently relaunched RV:Blog (which I insist you all check out) Nic hints of an interesting year to come. Rob wants to know your resolutions and what you did with that extra leap-second.

Hmmmm – resolutions. That’s always a hard one. I might resolve to finally finish the QPCS page of this website which was left curiously unfinished when I redesigned. Or maybe I should write an article on Wikipedia, since I use it so much? I’ll keep blogging throughout 2006 definitely – but I’m not sure that qualifies as a resolution rather than a warning

I was at Joshua’s party last night which I promised not to blog too much about (people I’ve never met have seen my website though, that’s cool) but I will say a massive thanks to him and his mum for letting us use their house!

Oh and 2006 is going to be exciting in the IT world. We should see Internet Explorer 7, Windows Vista, Office 12 from Microsoft. On a smaller but no less significant scale I’m interested to know what will happen with Nucleus, the open source CMS this blog uses. Apple might change the colour of the iPod a few times as well. And don’t forget the BBC’s iMP!

And what will happen politically? Oh, who knows. My one prediction is that Cameron is going to pick a fight with his party over some issue to show that he’s serious for change – and win. There are going to be some traditional Conservatives who will have to go if he is going to capture the centre ground, in exactly the same way as old Labour skedaddled in 1994.

And finally – make sure you tune in this year for Doctor Who, Series Two, BBC One. And Torchwood as well! Super.

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Welcome to 2006

  1. Jake says:

    Happy New Year sounds weird to say this but this year is when i’ll be getting my GCSE results and starting college! i mean wtf it’s gone sooo quick yesterday i was only saying i was in yr 9 and now this! lol

  2. Jake says:

    P.S: I’ll be watching Doctor Who

  3. Nic says:

    Indeed, an interesting year. It’s the year where whether or not the family moves to Cheshire, it’s the year where I find out if my awful handwriting has completey wrecked my ambitions of high marks in my exams; it’s the year when I become a young adult. It’s also the year where some very important things like GCSE results, and some very significant other goings on which I can’t talk about in public

    So happy new year everyone. It could be interesting!

  4. Pingu says:

    Nic that sounds very exciting, you must tell me about the secret things on MSN!

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