Daylight Atheism

A little while ago I stumbled across Ebon Musings. It’s a very well argued Atheist site with nicely written essays so I sent the author a note to say so. Well, while I was in New York an email landed in my inbox to announce the launch of Daylight Atheism – his new project in blog form.

I’m always wary of ever acting like Atheism is some sort of cult, with binding beliefs or philosophies. It’s not a group and it’s not a movement, and there can’t be any leader or structure, because it’s not a religion – it’s just a state of belief. So I’m not at all promising that it will reflect my own views (although chances are they’ll be pretty close ). That disclaimer aside: go check it out. Worth reading, especially as written by an American who finds himself in an increasingly fundamentalist country.

And on a totally different note – I fulfilled a lifetime ambition today and bought a copy of Broadcast, ‘the weekly newspaper of the television and radio industry.’ Hurrah! I missed the news about FilmFour launching on Freeview in July too.

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