Posting from the Apple Store

Well, it seems to be a Babble tradition that has carried on into RV:Blog so I might as well join in. I’m in the Apple store in Brent Cross and everything’s white and funky and glowing. Oooh I want to walk around and play with Appley things now Next to me a sales person seems to be doing well. “We’re not leaving without buying one of these!” He’s demonstrating Spotlight. Microsoft really needs to hurry up with Vista!

Edit – Big screens. Big screens!

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Posting from the Apple Store

  1. Nath-O says:


    I haven’t posted from the Apple shop in ages!

  2. The Apple store in Brent Cross is always extremely crowded every time I go in…with good reason, I might add. And the huge cinema screens in there are incredible, I *need* one! A photo of one is my desktop wallpaper

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