Bad Week

I’m not a big fan of misery and despair so will try to keep this brief. This week has not been the best for me. On Tuesday night I felt sick and – along with writing my still-brilliant Othello coursework – managed to throw up in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Fun! But, me being me, I still went to school. Lying in bed ill has never really been my favourite pastime and I’d rather not have missed another Physics double. So I sat by the window, burning up and hoping not to spread bird flu. (OK OK I did skip a tiny bit of school – ‘Enrichment’ in the afternoon. Happy now?)

So then Thursday was the after-effects ‘Aghh headache!’ day but I gulped down some Paracetamol and got on with it. And got my exam result for that terrible exam too – a B. I know what you’re thinking, that’s not so bad, but I could have got an A and I want to get an A and I will retake (sometime) and get an A unless I die of bird-flu-with-revenge first.

What about the English result, you ask? Well I don’t know. Should find out tomorrow. Which is making me all nervous and depressed because I was relatively confident until my teacher emailed with “Are you on line?” this evening. Well if it was good news she’d just put the grade in, wouldn’t she?!

Gah – I dunno. At least tomorrow is Fabio’s party (Happy Birthday btw ) so I can either drown my sorrows or celebrate an unlikely upside to an otherwise bad week. And I won’t be able to get a hangover either if I’ve already got a headache, right? Always a silver lining…

(Oh, and The Apprentice result this week was bollocks.)

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Bad Week

  1. Alex Newman says:

    my week sucked too, 8 tests and quizes (3 in the same subject)
    the reason why I’m replying so fast to this is I’m trying to avoid studying for my last 2
    and for the apprentice, thats what you get for watching donald trump

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Our version doesn’t have Trump, it has Alan Sugar instead

    Good luck for your tests!

  3. ????? says:

    dominic self got a B????!!!!!! there’s no hope for the rest of us then

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