Well Easter holidays start today, April 1st, for me at least. (And no – nothing I type is an April Fools, it’s after 12!) That means I finally have some chance to relax and plan a bit instead of hurtling along the term as usual. Lots of homework, coursework and general revision to do, naturally, and I’ll also be launching a new feature on this site (soonish) which will finally make some more use of the home page. Yay!

And, of course, Doctor Who returns April 15th at 7pm, BBC ONE. It’s going to be awesome, so make sure you watch

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  1. Rob says:

    Yay for Doctor Who, and another ay for the new homepage feature, whatever that might be

  2. Jake says:

    Thank you dom, i was looking everywhere to find out when the new Doctor Who would start i couldn’t be arsed looking in most places as it was probably 3.00am.

    Also, i’m looking forward to this new *feature* Y)

  3. Jake says:

    Opps, it just meant to be; Sorry!

  4. Will says:

    Was thinking about Dr Who start date as well, can’t wait. At least it starts before I have to go back to college.

    ***Yay for Simpsons movie!!!***

  5. Nic says:

    And I’ve already watched it. I love being press.

  6. Sir Pingu of Englandshire says:

    I watched it tonight.. fantastic episode!

    Nic, were you as shocked as me when the doctor got bum sexed by a dalek? I spat out my whisky.

    [Admin Edit – Confusion of ‘where’ and ‘were’ corrected. Because I’m anal. No no no, not like *that*]

  7. Sir Pingu of Englandshire says:

    I was never confused, guv!


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