Look at meeee!

Woo yay houpla!

Today has been a rather marvellous day!

Firstly, the school finally decided to pay me for a week of work at their summer school – and the pay slip that was waiting for me when I got home informed me that there will be about £50 extra in repaid tax at some point, assuming I’m not silly enough to earn above the limit during the rest of the year no danger of that then!

My yet-another-new Oyster photocard with free bus travel also arrived, so now I can finally join my sister and her clan in their crazy bus-hopping journeys. Oh and talking of buses, I would like to (slightly belatedly) utterly rescind my criticism of the 47E bus to Cofton Hackett. Driver let me travel for free since I only had a fiver and they don’t give change thanks!

Look at meeee!

Look at meeee!

And now onto the much more important news… Lucy’s birthday surprise? Well that was great but it’s not news, since it happened last week now and I’ve just been slow to blog. Uni applications? Um, it’s getting there No no the bigger news is: I made B3ta!

Not just B3ta, the very first link of B3ta!

I think that’s it, my life’s work accomplished now. Happy weekend!

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Woo yay houpla!

  1. Sam says:


  2. Lucy says:

    ’47E bus to Cofton Hackett’

    It was *from* Cofton Hackett *to* B’ham City Centre.

    Thank you

  3. Nic says:

    TWM consider all buses to be going towards the opposite to B’Ham, even if the screen says something else.

    I’m afraid the "city centre loop" means that the bus is ALWAYS going to Cofton Hacket as far as they’re concerned.

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