Appearing in my inbox today:

Young Dominic u maybe wise amongst your years but i doubt it has dawned upon you that ur actions will lead to ur downfall.I urge you to reconsider what can be for more then pride it stake here.I talk about segregation but look deeper within that context find a meaning that is only significant for u.If u look to understand then you will only be confused, this is not a task that requires the mentality of ur mind yet it is ur heart that will eventually conquer all.This fornication of sin is but a suggestion in the realms of the mind thus it is vital that i reinforce that idea, u r the chosen Dominic , fate now lies in ur hands.

So says someone at least! Thank you kindly for the e-mail (Morpheus?), I’ll certainly take the red pill, but where exactly am I going to fall ‘down’ from? Is Alex going to become the best loved blogger or something? Oh.. no wait.. he already is

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  1. Oooh, how strange. Come on though, don’t be so cynical; you’ve told me about ‘the messiah’ visiting your house, why wouldn’t you be the chosen one?
    And, Alex; moi?

  2. Andy Kings says:

    It’s visiting the Kings house, that. Congrats on being the chosen one. I will now follow you and eat at your table

  3. *.* says:

    It is your own folly mistake that will now lead to your demise, you may take this as humour but trust me the last laugh belongs to another just remember that

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