Lots to do, lots to do, let’s blog about it

Ooh it’s one of those days where we’ve got PC5 blue-screening on one side, the phone line playing up on the other, and I’m trundling around with a portable hard drive doing a long overdue backup. So I’ll pick this little slot in between ‘lunch where egg got thrown over me’ and ‘going to grandparents’ to blog!

Way back on Wednesday I saw Fabulation at the Tricycle Theatre with the school. Which was, as I’m sure you’re bored of me saying by now, fantastic because the Tricycle always is. Although I should mention that when someone’s phone goes off in the cinema, it’s very annoying; when it goes off in the cinema, they should probably be executed. My heart did warm to people saying that they ‘didn’t know you could swear in the theatre’, hehe

I also travelled to land-of-joy-Birmingham on Friday staying the abode of La Kings again which I felt cheeky for – but it is really really nice, and you get proper breakfasts! Aside: waiting at Barnt Green station I decided it didn’t count as graffiti if you did it in moisture, and proceeded to write the formula for integration by parts on a window. It also seems the next day that the world was converging at the Bullring – not that we knew it at the time, but I was there with Lucy, Josie and her sister Kathryn were there, Josie’s stalker was there, Pingu (Pingu!) was there… spooky. So if you weren’t at the Bullring on Saturday afternoon… why on earth not?!

Oh and finally I dashed home to listen to [drum roll] Babble Radio Night! Which was a musical extravaganza lasting till 2 in the morning and featuring the wonderful talents of Nic, No Name Toony, GG, Nathan and Reverend Pingu. Congrats to all

Edit – Weren’t able to listen to Babble Radio Night? Catch No Name Toony’s No Name Show at GG’s Podcast who is running GG’s Podcast Live next. Well worth a listen!

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Lots to do, lots to do, let’s blog about it

  1. Pingu says:

    I can’t help but make a few points here:

    1) Get a Mac.
    2) Get cable phone and broadband.
    3) Get a NAS.

  2. Josie says:

    i was at teh same places as you at the same time but i never saw you. wierd

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