Wow. University! Wow.

I’ve just finished my application (well, almost, have to hand in a £10 cheque tomorrow for Cambridge… ) for university and I feel like a huge weight has just been lifted from my mind So yay!

For the record, I am applying to do History at Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and Reading. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for news of any offers, rejections, requests for interview, etc. That’s fine. Either I get them or I don’t, but it’s out of my hands now so I can get on with what I actually came to Sixth Form to do – A Levels!

Oh, and applying online via UCAS is much nicer than the dead tree alternative. Just a pity Cambridge still insist on paper, but I’m sure they’ll change… eventually…

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Wow. University! Wow.

  1. Will says:

    Nice uni’s, I’m just about to submit mine through UCAS. Did you have problems like me adding things to it and finding what you just put down? – their interface is terrible.

    good luck btw, hope you get call backs to the special ones

  2. Nathan says:

    I just sent mine off today, kept thinking I’d forgotten something dreadfully obvious on the CAF, but I hope not.
    Applied for Maths at Cambridge, Warwick, York, Exeter, Bath and ICL.

    Good luck!

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Thanks Will, good luck for you and you too Nathan – if we both get in we are so meeting up!

  4. Andy Kings says:

    Yay for not having to do this until next year. I’m really not looking forward to all this UCAS high-jinks, the BMAT to wrestle with, and all the pressure of it. I prefer sitting back and watching our year 13’s do it. If you come to Birmingham, you can come live at miiiiiiine!

  5. Nic Parkes says:

    Meh, UCAS is alllll goood fun Everything’s a nice challenge.

    Good luck Dom, Nathan, Will, and all the other 100,000s of people applying to unis

    I’ll be bold and say i’m LOOKING FORWARD to doing the finding/applying thing again!

  6. Nath- says:

    Well done, guys!

    I can’t wait for application time – what a breath of fresh air that Waseley won’t be a choice this time around!

  7. Nic Parkes says:

    Although if certain people got their way, I’m sure it would be an option. And some people would pick it too.

  8. Rob says:

    Hope it all goes well, get into Bristol then take the bus down and see me, or not

  9. Katie Self says:

    Does that mean i’ll get your room?

    Joking, good luck.

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