I’m still playing with the camera phone…

Kill the creeps… and ‘condoms!’

I’ve become a little bit addicted to this lovely little flash game featured in the B3ta newsletter a week or two back. “How addicted?” I imagine you ask. Well, addicted enough that I was playing it until 3.30 early Saturday morning, which then caused me to oversleep and be late for meeting Emily and Robert for our Oxford Street trip.

I’m still playing with the camera phone…

I’m still playing with the camera phone…

Yes, our ‘let’s abuse the 10% Topshop discount Sixth Former students’ trip was a great success, in the end. There are lots of stories about Dominic not knowing any London landmarks (“Marble Arch? Ooh… look! It’s an arch!… probably made out of some sort of marble material I’d say…”) which I’d advise you to disregard if you hear. Not because they’re not true – they blatantly are – but because they come from Robert and he has hit me enough to make up for it. Hit me – with a bag.

Also – proving that we clearly are mature and grown-up students well deserving of our 10% discount, we decided to play condoms in Topshop. “Oh?” I imagine you ask, again, in a slightly bored tone. Well it’s simply the Boogies game played on Dick and Dom where you shout ‘condoms!’ in ever increasing tones until you’re too embarrassed – or hoarse – to continue. Emily won, incidentally, but that was because she has no fear in shouting “CONDOMS!” in the middle of Kensal Rise. In the dark.

(Look, before you complain, it’s better than shouting “UNPROTECTED SEX WITH MULTIPLE UNTESTED PARTNERS!”, isn’t it?)

Oh, and hah – if any Physics teachers are reading this, yes I did manage to do a bit of revision for today’s exam in the midst of all of this. “Oh, how did the exam go?” I imagine you barely attempting to stifle a yawn saying. It went OK thanks, hypothetical you Last year I’m sure I would have been much more concerned, because I know I didn’t do that well, but to be honest I’m slightly less motivated now that I don’t need Physics for next year. Having said that, I still want to do well, and I hope I scraped by as usual

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4 Comments on :
Kill the creeps… and ‘condoms!’

  1. Alex Newman says:

    I’ve played an American version of that game, only its a certain body part instead.

  2. Emily! says:

    I’m so proud of my victory.
    I look like I’m gonna claw someone.
    That was a fun day..

  3. Lucy says:

    Bogies has one o

  4. Andy Kings says:

    Otherwise it would be "boogies", as in the dance. Foo’.

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