It’d be a dull world if we thought before we spoke

It’s Eurovision tonight, and on the BBC News website readers were debating the tricky problem posed by: “Will you be watching Eurovision?”. One response from a ‘Frank Balkus’ (Detroit, Michigan, United States) raised a confused smile from me:

“I’ll watch it if it has 24 hour a day news WITHOUT entertainment, with out American Hollywood, or Indian Bollywood, no American Idol, no rubbish, we are living in trying times, some would say biblical. I find media to be too feminist, and too morally disturbing. If Eurovision is clean and informative, without entertainment, I’ll watch it.”

There isn’t much you can say to that! Similarly, there isn’t much you can say to the latest comment to my long-running Hillsong debate started back in, ooh, March 2005. I’d say it was a special case of the you’re-wrong-but-even-if-you-were-right-you’d-still-be-wrong class of arguments: the you’re-wrong-on-so-many-levels-that-perhaps-we-better-just-leave-it.

On the upside, for ICT the other day Katie (Year 7) had to produce a questionnaire that could be used by a dating agency. To see ‘straight’, ‘gay’ and ‘bi’ proudly listed as orientation options gives me hope that – at least in this house – the liberal brainwashing has worked wonders

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It’d be a dull world if we thought before we spoke

  1. Andy Kings says:

    I watched Eurovision from start to finish! And voted for the Ukraine 69 times!



  2. Lawrence says:

    The person above is a bit odd. why 69 times you really didn’t have nothing to do LOL, you could do my exams.

  3. Andy Kings says:

    In joke, mate

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