Teetering at the precipice of goodbye

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Tomorrow, I have my Physics Practical Exam. Readers with long memories may recall an occasional tendency to appear ever so slightly negative about this, and it remains true that in ordinary circumstances I’d be egesting clay blocks (sorry!), but I’m actually not. Perhaps because, as the shadow of the beast of the synoptic exam looms darkly, the practical no longer carries the mantle of world’s-scariest-exam.

This week in general is the last week of the half term. On Friday, I’m going off to Blackpool for a mini-holiday with Nic, Josie & Andy, Lucy and lots of other exciting people, which I’m really looking forward to Even if I’m leaving on my mum’s birthday hehe. Oh, and we’ve decided I’m going to hide behind all of those lovely Midlands accents, for Blackpool is up in the far North tundra, where other Southerners fear to tread

(Grammatical note – this has been bugging me for ages: an emoticon takes the place of a full stop, OK?!)

Once back at school after the week’s holiday, I’ll have a final week of lessons, revision and please-god-no-more-revision until my first ‘proper’ exams on June 11th. Then I’ll be gone! No more school, no more tramping in the Science corridor, no more silly assemblies, no more lesson timetables, no more bells, no more sneaking dominicself.co.uk onto the corners of various whiteboards, no more exercise books (yes, I still exercise books, whatever people say). Still got exams to pass first though of course, so I’ll save the retrospective for another day

And how could I forget? We had another Babble Radio Night last night, and congratulations to Nathan, Nic, GG and Pingu for everything they achieved. It got me addicted to Rhianna – Umbrella too. Ella, ella.

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Teetering at the precipice of goodbye

  1. Lucy says:

    Dom, in this post you’re acting as though you’ve discovered bold and italics for the first time..

  2. Andy Kings says:



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