My current background

Desktop Background

My current background

My current background

I change my desktop background fairly often. (Known as a ‘wallpaper’ way back in Windows 95, it is irritatingly referred to as a ‘screensaver’ quite a bit these days.) It goes from Doctor Who wallpapers to scenic views and cool photography, until I get bored with it and change it again. I’ve gone back to this photo a few times though, taken from a nice collection at and – I think – included in Windows Vista.

What’s yours?

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3 Comments on :
Desktop Background

  1. Lucy says:

    I have the same one as Bll Gates!

    Two comments in one day. I must be ill

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Not quite! No satisfying purple hue on there!

  3. Sir Pingu of Pingushire says:

    Hah! That’s just a straight up copy of one included with Tiger.

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