If you want real pressure, of course, fast-forward two years time. I’d like to do a shout out to my 18 year-old self in 2007. Hi! What’s it like waiting for results to an exam that will literally determine the future of your life? Either you got what you needed for university, or you didn’t.


I had a dream last night about results. It was a frustrating, unpleasant dream: not because of the results themselves (I never got that far) but because of the Edexcel website. In my dream, you had to install a complicated graphical world first, and then look at a 3D map of your skills. I am seriously concerned that this will become reality in a few years.

Whilst waiting, I’m reading Made in America by Bill Bryson. It includes lots and lots of detail on language, charting the evolution of American speech for one thing, which just proves that parents wield a scary influence over you. (Both of my parents did languagey-type things at uni, and we still can’t get through a meal without some etymology or other coming up. Funny, you’d have thought I’d have become a better writer? )

I’m also listening to excellent Hollertronix courtesy of Pingu, exchanging e-mails with catering companies for my aunt’s birthday party and looking forward to my weekend mini-break in Brighton, which will hopefully be a celebratory one!

I guess I should continue the tradition, too. So hi there, future me! If all goes to plan, it’s 2010 and you’re waiting for your final results at uni. How did it all go? What’s it like waiting for results to an exam that will literally det… ah, never mind.

Good luck to everyone else! Let’s all hold hands.

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  1. Sir Pingu of Pingushire says:

    Wow, my first blog mention in ages!


  2. Rob says:

    Good luck for those, get some good kip tonight – or not!

    First comment in ages!

  3. Lili says:

    When are you in Brighton – if it’s this weekend I will also be there, so text if you’re around and fancy meeting my cool as friends.
    If you get this message post-brighton, lol.
    See you when term commences.

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