Edexcel exam results

OK, so I couldn’t resist getting up at 6 for when the website opened and damn, it loaded too quickly for me!

Anyway, the good news is that I got an A in History and – amazingly – a B in Physics

Having said that, I do seem to have done rather badly in History in terms of individual units! Take a look… (my additions in brackets)

6524 HISTORY 4 72 / 90 [Boundary mark for an A] 6525 HISTORY 5 86 / 90 [Coursework – A] 6526 HISTORY 6 84 / 120 [Boundary mark for a B] 6734 PHYSICS 4 59 / 90
6735 PHYSICS 5 52 / 90
6736 PHYSICS 6 89 / 120

By my number-crunching, that’s only 242 points out of 300 for A2 History – too close for comfort to the 240 boundary! Taking AS into account, of course, then I’ve got 503 points out of 600, further away from the all-important 480 boundary but not by a huge margin.

And no, before you say anything, I’m not complaining! I’m just surprised – maybe the A2 is just much more difficult to get any marks and this will be repeated for Maths and English – but then to turn around and get a B in Physics overall after how badly those exams went is astonishing.

Anyway! It’s hours till I can get to school for the rest come on, only 2 more As to go…

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