Dalek cookies!

Dalek cookies, slightly charred

Dalek cookies!

Dalek cookies!

Thank you, Oliver and Abi! These two generous souls rustled up some Dalek cookies before I arrived and presented them to me tonight, as these pictures testify. Cooking-wise it actually all went a little bit wrong, and sadly it’s not quite possible to eat the gently charcoaled cookies in addition to admiring their beauty, but to be honest hearing the story of the gyp room filling with so much smoke during their creation that they had to be taken outside for fear of setting the fire alarm off was just as entertaining. Anyway, it was lovely, so thanks

I have (mostly) unpacked, and am all set to have a solid day of revision tomorrow with Abi for the Paper 6 mock on Monday. But, much to my relief, there are at least two others who feel that it really isn’t that big a deal, as the mock doesn’t really mean anything, and going in with low expectations might be the best thing to do under the circumstances! Then term will start officially on Tuesday, with Themes and Sources returning for Wednesday (mental note – do the work for that ASAP…) and lectures beginning on Thursday. Apart from the fact that the lecture timetable this term is very sparse – as most subjects have exams – and I don’t think I actually have any on Thursday at all. More reading time, I guess

And yes, of course I’m still watching Doctor Who. How did anyone survive without the iPlayer?!

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5 Comments on :
Dalek cookies, slightly charred

  1. Lucy says:

    Although the artist featured on your homepage is incredibly talented, I have a feeling you used the worst bit of his/her painting


  2. Nathan Wong says:

    I was hugely gratified that Dr Who was up on iPlayer within about half an hour of the end of the episode.
    I’m curious… how did they succeed in making cookies in the gyp room? Or was it a button on those stupidly clever microwaves? :p

    Enjoy your term!

  3. Tasha says:

    Ha is that a peace sign on one of them?!

    They’re so cool!

  4. Red Dalek says:

    Nath (the first Nath) – upon checking, I can confirm they did use what I’m sure they would utterly disavow is a stupidly clever microwave. Lack of any alternative, really!

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