[popular search engine] Quiz

This post was nicked from Lucy and her swish new blog , and has been pre-recorded. Apologies in advance to Nic, who hates this kind of stuff.

Type “[your name] needs” into Google search:

“Dominic needs a family who has lots of time for him, who can provide a very stable routine, who is good at advocating for services, and who can recognize and take joy in each little step he takes.”

Type “[your name] looks like” into Google search:

“‘The brutal fact is that Dominic looks like this because he was so drunk while in the womb.”

Type “[your name] likes” into Google search:

“Dominic likes The OC.”

Type “[your name] says” into Google search:

“Dominic says my dad’s 50.”

Type “[your name] wants” into Google search:

“Dominic wants to use Jetspeed to build his RSS portal.”

Type “[your name] does” into Google search:

“Dominic does a flip at the Eccentric Symphony and Washed Up Hollywood booths at Project Las Vegas Feb 15, 2008.”

Type “[your name] hates” into Google search:

“MySpace profile for Dominic Hates You ffm//66 with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.” (This is rubbish!)

Type “[your name] loves” into Google search:

“DomluvsEmma .” (Once again, damn you infernal social networking sites!)

Type “[your name] goes” into Google search:

“Dominic Goes To Montreal.”

Type “[your name] has” into Google search:

“2-year old greyhound dog Dominic has only two legs left…”

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3 Comments on :
[popular search engine] Quiz

  1. Abbi says:

    Abbi needs to turn 1 more or gain 6 more Werewolf points to reach the next level.

    Abbi looks stunning, it adds a new dimension to the phrase ‘yummy mummy’!

    That brush is still our first choice, and Abbi likes it best too.

    "If someone had told me, without all that help, just to write a book review," Abbi says, "I couldn’t have done it." But, with the help provided, Abbi’s learners were able to.

    Abbi wants you to take her home.

    Abbi does well in nationals.

    Abbi hates it because it is so small.

    Abbi loves Briggsy. (obviously it’s not that small then?)

    Abbi goes in the pool.

    Abbi has a room to rent in a flatshare in Weston Super Mare (that cannot be a real place??? surely!)

  2. Amber says:

    Amber already did this in a myspace bulliten.
    Amber didnt realise it was on here too!
    Amber need to read this more often because it cheers her up
    Weston Super Mare is home to T4 on the Beach.
    Oh yes.

  3. Red Dalek says:

    Aww! Haven’t spoken to you for a while but I hope you’re well and enjoy T4!

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