This is Haha!

No no, I haven’t abandoned my blog! In fact, here’s a major marketing push…

Now that we’ve got that out of the way: tomorrow I return to the ‘Bridge. (Andy, that’s your fault.) Aside from a mock exam on Monday which is going to be really rather awful, I’m excited and happy about going back etc etc, but I’ve still got a load of things to do first! Today’s progress through my todo list has been quite successful, however, so I’m pretty hopeful about going to bed at a reasonable hour with everything packed and ready.

I’ve done a fair bit of voluntary work for the Ken campaign over the past week or so. At times stressful, it nevertheless feels quite rewarding to have helped out, and it’ll feel all the more awesome if it all pays off and he wins on 1st May. I’ve also ranged about a bit: leafleting outside of Willesden Green, telephoning places in Richmond and Kew, and pushing leaflets through doors in Kentish Town. The latter has the advantage that it avoids direct contact with voters, of course although on the other hand that can sometimes throw up unexpected and pleasant surprises! A case in point would be the slightly drunk South African man named Ken, who was so enamoured with our ‘Ken Rocks’ bags that he bought one off me for a grand sum of £7.42. (I donated this to the campaign before anyone asks, naturally.) Then there were the curious voters over the phone: committed Tories, with well-to-do voices, who nevertheless were voting for Ken. Erm, thanks! And as part of a quid pro quo with Saoirse, I even went to a Left List meeting in exchange for being able to borrow her for the Ken campaign for an hour or so. This was the meeting where I learnt that the government had ‘given’ the banks £100 billion as some sort of gift, that the increase in police officers has been ‘pretty disgraceful’ and that, yes, Lindsey German will join forces with Boris Johnson to protest against the MONSTROUS BENDY BUSES FROM HELL!!11. Ah well.

Politics over! In the last week I’ve also witnessed Kelly S’s drinking first-hand whilst openly discussing The Curse Of Fenric with Scott over at a gathering at Lucy’s. I’ve visited Stratford upon Avon, a town which reservedly never seeks to over-play the fact that it might just have some sort of tangential relationship with a certain English playwright, as well as having delicious fudge. I’ve re-discovered Hear’Say (ironically), toured Parliament – which included discovering the exciting secret entrance into Westminster station – and enjoyed both Doctor Who and The “you have to put people in the appropriate skill set!” Apprentice. Super.

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This is Haha!

  1. Lucy says:

    Oh as if you put the embarrassing video up

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Your comments will be forwarded to the Marketing Department…

  3. Jacob says:

    love the video…

    i get RSS feeds texted to my mobile phone

    good luck on your mock exam

  4. Andy says:

    You should make a new video like this every week. I loved it. *****

    Andy Kings – News of the World

  5. Abbi says:

    I laughed myself into a coughing fit and then felt offended that I was not on the video.

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