“Lucky Bounce”

I have so many things I want to blog about, but I know that if I simply speak my brains (in true The Day Today style) it will prove to be the most unreadable document since Jeremy Kyle’s Seven Step Guide to Colonic Irrigation (with free CD!). On the other hand, it’s my blog and no-one’s forcing you to read it. Unless you’re one of the people who I have forced to read it, of course. You know who you are. But I’ll be brief…

A very, very long time ago, Saoirse and I decided to harass Abbi by text until she magnanimously agreed to spend her lunch break with us. In all seriousness, I hadn’t seen her for ages and she’s a great person to hang out with: don’t joke about going home to South Africa on Facebook again, please! After she returned to the grinding millstone \ prelapsarian paradise of work, I was led to visit the famous Bookmarks – where you can swap book tokens for socialism – and the British Museum, which had a cheery exhibition on death. If I was a better blog writer, I would now find a way to link the theme of death with my ice-skating day last Thursday, which certainly came close. Well, this is perhaps unfair: I didn’t break any bones, but I suppose it’s hard to break any bones when you’re clutching the side and watching five year olds skate merrily on by with a smug expression on their faces. Still, afterwards Abi, Oliver and I headed back to Oliver’s (lovely!) house – which excited me and no-one else by being located in Zone 5 – where we had a typical young people’s evening: lie on the carpet and discuss the existence (or not) of God. Or gods. Rowdy, aren’t we?

(It didn’t fit, but inbetween these two events I had a quick meetup with Rishal, Ria and Manoj in a Starbucks. Fascinating, this blog, isn’t it? OK, enough of the rhetorical questions Dominic. Not to mention the third person.)

Friday! Friday was exciting for it featured Josie’s birthday party and thus the opportunity to join Scott in ditching the ‘conventional’ dance moves to 5,6,7,8 (I think) in favour of a quite magnificent can-can. We absolutely rocked that party. There was also a sweet photo taken, which I shall display here but was originally stolen from Josie’s many social networking profiles:



For the rest of the weekend at Lucy’s, we laughed at Most Haunted Live in the dark, played Peggle – which later developed into a little bit of an addiction – took Abbi’s advice and saw Horton Hears a Who! (which was adorable, as promised) and toured the exciting museum of Birmingham’s history. This final bit came about after Lucy poured cold water on the idea of playing the Tube game in a city lacking a tube.

Today’s Band To Love is Steps…

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“Lucky Bounce”

  1. Andy says:

    Peggle is teh l33t3st game everrrr.

  2. Abbi says:

    I feel so loved! Awww!!! If Luce is still around please invite her to the dinner party! Oh and feel free to bring the little sister if you want?

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