Right, I’m off! As of tomorrow morning I’ll be on holiday for two weeks in Croatia – hooray hooray

Things I won’t miss: rain, clingy London heatwaves, news reports which include the phrases “confident Cameron” or “another bad week for Labour”, Boris, the guilty feeling I get when I look at the work I should be doing or spam. But I will miss lots of people (you all know who you are ) and I wish you all a fantastic time whether holidaying or not! I also think Andrew’s mum deserves a special shout-out (remember those?) on this blog, as I discovered on Saturday that she’s a fan – indeed one suspects rather more than her son is. So hi!

But before I go… in the last few days, aside from my annual stint working – yes, actually working! – on the QPCS UCL summer school I’ve also managed to see The Dark Knight in the cinema and Little Miss Sunshine (finally) on DVD at Lucy’s. Both excellent: The Dark Knight didn’t drag as I’d feared it would, and although everybody’s comments are inevitable coloured by his death it’s true to say that Heath Ledger was excellent as The Joker. Little Miss Sunshine was curiously advertised on the DVD blurb as ‘riotous’: it isn’t a riotous sort of comedy at all, at least not for me anyway, but a more understated and interesting kind which I did really enjoy. And the scenes of the little girls at the beauty pageant at the end are even creepier when you bear in mind that it was genuinely no exaggeration of real life pageants

Finally – I like the way that when David Cameron actually does come out with something I’d wholeheartedly endorse the Torygraph manage to find someone to attack it. I suppose one of the silver linings of a Conservative election victory will be right-wing squeals of betrayal…

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  1. Lucy says:

    Next week every single one of my friends I’ve ever had is on holiday


    P.S. Have a great time

  2. Abbi says:

    Surely you know that you are completely irreplaceable… I was just drawing a distinction to prevent confusion.

    By sheer coincidence we also watched Little Miss Sunshine tonight although for about the 100th time. I adore that film.

    Have a wonderful time in Hrvatska!

  3. Nathan Wong says:

    I think that the comments on the Telegraph blog sum it up perfectly. Seems more like the views of one silly blogger than the paper as a whole.

  4. Jakov says:

    you spelled it wrong, its Doviđenja

  5. Jakov says:

    uh oh, i guess thats why

  6. Red Dalek says:

    It’s a character encoding issue IIRC – but it didn’t seem worth it to change it all over for one word

    And, erm, do people actually use them? Especially since you can’t use any HTML or anything, so it won’t look any different to the text you’ve just typed…

  7. Jakov says:

    smilies come out like ::–)) or something, you don’t see the picture until its too late.

    Also it might be nice if you can rehearse the paragraphing and line breaks before you make such a commitment.

    But if you decide theres no need, thats completely fine.

  8. Jakov says:

    must be a locale issue, it works on

    by the way, any chance of a Preview button?

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