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And so I’m almost at my final day of the ‘summer’ left in London! There’s nothing like going out in style though, with lots of nice things like social gatherings, the Torchwood soundtrack (try listening to it whilst walking in the dark) and a surprise (yay!) Lucy visit, which we used to go and see The Wave (Die Welle). This German film based on a ‘possibly’ real-life experiment in the 1960s sees a trendy German high school teacher set up a dictatorial club in order to prove that Nazism could always reoccur, and by the end of the week it’s fallen completely out of control. Not well enjoyed by critics according to the reviews I’ve read, but nevertheless I enjoyed it – although finding bits of it strangely and probably unintentionally funny…

Tonight was the first of an annual re-jigged prizegiving evening at the school (y’know, my old school!) as Katie’s guests (hurrah for her) and it was lovely to see lots of faces again. Including Nirrup, the guy who went to Cambridge a couple of years before me We shared a bond! Also I should give a shout-out to good old Kingz for his successful dealings with the dangerous urban world of Bradford

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Die Welle

  1. Lucy says:

    My eyebrow is well and truly travelling in an upward motion regarding your pictorial addition to this blog

  2. Abbi says:

    I had to read The Wave in something like year 10… which was in about 1943 (1996 really)… shows you how old it is.

    Oh and I picked that font size myself cos my blogs looked soooo long but yes bigger on the word press one. Ha ha!

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