The camp, the ‘working class Northern’ and the suited

Blogging in quickstep

In the past week or so, I have, in no particular order:

  • Clapped for Tasha at tonight’s certificate evening at QPCS
  • Laughed lots as Ms. [censored] bitched about Mr. [censored] afterwards: “he’s brainwashing the children!”
  • Seen the slightly weird but worth watching Waltz with Bashir with mum, and eaten ice-cream as I did so (naturally)
  • Bought lots of Christmas presents without leaving my desk (I’m not saving Woolies, sorry)
  • Got a lovingly-branded Christmas card from Nic. Merry Christmas back!
  • Nasally asked Sanna for “more fire please” (because… oh, never mind) whilst admiring the fact that her kitchen table is always covered in tasty snack food
  • Really enjoyed the resumption of Book Club
  • Gorged on a double bill of Merlin with Oliver and Abi whilst also greatly admiring his provision of food (I do just go around eating other people’s food, don’t I?)
  • Uploaded some newly scanned old photos of mine onto Facebook – but a taster for the Facebook-deprived now follows…
The camp, the ‘working class Northern’ and the suited

The camp, the ‘working class Northern’ and the suited

Obviously, my next blog will be back to its emotional and reflective self

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3 Comments on :
Blogging in quickstep

  1. Abbi says:

    OMG how cute were you???

    I love Merlin too! Yay for the BBC!

  2. Sanna says:

    "her kitchen table is always covered in snack food" – explains a lot, doesn’t it?

    I’m making the vote for HATEMERLIN.

  3. Sanna says:

    Also: I love that you term the middle picture ‘working class northern’ on the basis of a blue sweatshirt being worn and a white car visible in the background. I have Newcastle blood, you know!

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