25 Factoids

I’m in the computer room, not bothering to go home before I come right back again for dinner. So, meme time!

1. I study History, except most of the time I don’t study ‘real history’ – as my friends do – but cuddly modern ‘history’ about what happened yesterday afternoon.
2. You can always bribe me with chocolate fudge cake.
3. I believe that all of the world’s problems are ultimately a manifestation of inadequate public transport.
4. I often fail to get out of bed until at least several hours after I really should have done.
5. I have completed all but one of the challenges in Peggle Nights.
6. I care about the difference between toleration and respect.
7. People think that gossip involves lying, but I know that gossip normally involves excessive truth.
8. Sometimes, I actually have to stop what I’m doing in order to note down an idea for a blog post on my phone.
9. I overuse the emoticon to such an extent that it appears in my lecture notes.
10. I am a major electronic hoarder.
11. I want to study lots and lots of different subjects, against which ‘earning money’ seems very dull.
12. It takes me hours to go through e-mail and RSS after a day or two away from my laptop.
13. I used to be blond!
14. I would be very jealous if Andy got to burn down Daily Mail HQ.
15. I despair at the phrase “let’s agree to disagree”, principally because I’m never sure what happens if I don’t agree to this.
16. I wish I read more
17. I listen to crazy things on my MP3 player, and smile at the fact that passers by don’t know.
18. I love ‘mango’ beer more than any other alcoholic beverage
19. I get confused about whether everyone else also realises that other people have also thought about the fact that everyone thinks similar things but believes themselves to be unique.
20. My spelling and grammar are far from perfect, but incorrect apostrophes – including 1920’s – burn my eyes.
21. The superpower ability I would choose would be the slippery art of persuasion
22. It’s not just that I don’t believe in a god, a soul, the afterlife or universal morality, but I don’t even think (in my own subjective way) that these things are at all desirable.
23. I eat way, way too much cheese and drink far, far too much orange juice.
24. I sometimes think my blog had a golden era, but I know that it never really did.
25. Sometimes I think that a deep brooding unhappiness would make for more interesting posts, but I can’t provide one, sorry!

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3 Comments on :
25 Factoids

  1. Tasha says:

    Re number 17: I always think if I’m mugged right now for my ipod what song would they see I was listening to?

  2. Red Dalek says:

    Haha yes, so do I!

  3. Katie says:

    Re: Re: #17
    I always imagine that the young people in intimdating groups are listening to classical music while the elderly man is listening to heavy metal.

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