Roll up, ladies and gentlemen, roll up! I’ve two scintillating sequences of events for presentation on the blogging symposium today, after which there will be an opportunity to ask questions and some light refreshments. Quieten down at the back now please. I open with Sanna’s visit on Monday which comprised of waffles, further waffles, being told that I was neglecting an amazing garden and socio-theological waffle which, as you may know, is the tastiest of all. No one tried to pick a fight with me, however, which I suppose rules out Sanna as the common factor. (Very slightly off-topic, by the way, but still worth mentioning, is the fact that Spotify fans can and by all means should check out The Lion King soundtrack… in Swedish. I still don’t know how to actually say ‘problem free philosophy’ but I can certainly hum it.)

Moving on swiftly, last night was the Peterhouse Politics Society dinner which I went along to on the basis that it was Andrew’s farewell event as President. (That’s what I said, of course, but the real reason was the food.) Those of you who have better things to worry about than arcane Cambridge trivia may not know that Peterhouse has a reputation for being a bit… conservative… so I made sure to go out and buy a red tie beforehand just to make the point. As it happened, though, I found myself amongst the liberals; you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be swapping praise for Ken Livingstone with the wonderful couple I was seated next to over port at Peterhouse, but there you are. In fact, known quantity of Caroline aside, I only tracked down one true Tory for conversation and he was very affably mad. (I mean that in the nicest way possible. He did want to privatise the entirety of state education, sure, but it adds character.)

At the end of the night I joined Andrew, Caroline and Cornelius for even more wine. (Cornelius, by the way, has bagged what is quite possibly the greatest name ever. I bet he never has any trouble getting the username he wants.) During the course of the following discussion I somehow found myself giving strategic and spin-doctory advice to Caroline regarding CUCA. Perhaps I was too drunk for it to be any good, but the fact remains that there are lines I shouldn’t cross, and actively suggesting ways to make the Conservatives more popular (as if they needed any help at the moment) is one of them. So, sorry!

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  1. Sanna says:

    Problemfri filosofi! Hahaaaaaa! Memories of being hunched around the video (!) set watching it with a gabrillion cousins and singing along.

  2. Lucy says:


    Give him my number? xxxxx

  3. Saoirse says:

    If I can have trouble with usernames, so can Cornelius. Srsly.

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