Free Dom

I’m done! Free! Finished! Yay!

As I said, my last exam – the India paper – was yesterday morning; the last question I answered was on The Emergency. (Sorry, can’t remember my last word. Probably nothing very exciting.) Quite reasonably, people have been asking how it went – but to be honest the whole exam period is now rapidly rushing out of my brain and into the dim and distant past, so I can only assume it went ‘fine’. And now freedom(ish)! Tash slightly burst my ‘last exam ever’ bubble by pointing out that driving theory tests exist, and now I think about it I’m sure future employers / citizenship panels / mental health assessment units will foist numerous future ‘exams’ on me over the rest of my life. But y’know what I mean

(In the couple of hours between ‘finishing exams’ and ‘going out to celebrate’, by the way, I (a) ate a large hot dog, (b) bought double scoops of ice-cream and (c) started to read a fun page-turner thriller about technology ‘n’ things which would probably result in my eviction from Book Club if I ever presented it to them. I am a geek child.)

Anyway, I then met up with long-ago-finished-exams Simon for a beer-fuelled viewing of apparently cult classic Welcome to the Jungle, which is worth seeing alone for The Rock engaged in the most ludicrous use of the OneLastJob trope I have ever seen. Sure, he’s a big and violent (although very lovable) bounty hunter, but he’s only doing this OneLastJob to raise the money to open his own restaurant. Seriously. A restaurant. Never just thought of applying for a business loan, no…? No, OK, fine, bounty hunter it is then. Hilarity ensues.

Naturally, we then enlarged the group and headed to the pub. It was the only right thing to do

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Free Dom

  1. helen says:

    congratulations!! Enjoy the celebrations xx

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