Highlights from Trinity May Ball

OK, I don’t have time to trawl through photographs at the moment – or even coherently organise my thoughts in full sentences – because Joshua’s coming up in a couple of hours for the Caius May Ball tonight! (Yeah, it’s hedonism central at the moment ) But! Here are some of my highlights from last night:

  • The whole crowd loudly demanding Wheatus play Teenage Dirtbag throughout their set, and the moment they actually started
  • Quite unexpectedly bumping into Promise in the queue for the dodgems
  • The dodgems!
  • Being responsible for handing Sophie her first ever piece of candy floss
  • Losing to Helen in a night-long eating contest (that girl is impressive)
  • The amazing fireworks with an amazing soundtrack – especially the synchronised fire display to the theme from Pirates of The Caribbean!
  • Looking out over the Cam and seeing it 99.7% filled by punts, as people took advantage of the river passing through Trinity to also watch the fireworks
  • And finally on the fireworks, actually being moved when they played out to Palladio. We used to listen to that in the car all the time!(I think it was at this moment when I had a strong sense that, whatever you might think, I do actually deserve this right now )
  • Alphabeat’s entire set. Superb
  • Amateur Transplants! Who ended with the famous London Underground song, as you’d expect, but did a whole hour of other hilarious stuff first
  • The paps waiting outside at 6 in the morning, clearly waiting for embarrassing photos of Cambridge students

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2 Comments on :
Highlights from Trinity May Ball

  1. Tash says:

    So cool about the paps!
    And you should subscribe to my ‘car tapes’ playlist on spotify…. X

  2. Alexander says:

    I look forward to you featuring in the 2010 equivalent of this, then: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1193135/Cambridge-students-celebrate-end-exams-binge-drinking-festival-women-jelly-wrestling.html

    Goodness me though, this really does all just sound fantastic! I’m glad you’re celebrating finishing appropriately!

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