January Scrapbook

Recipe for Vegetable Frittatas (Serves 4)

  1. Go to Catherine and AJ’s.
  2. Eat some of their already-baked biscuits (in the American sense) as an appetiser.
  3. Have everyone put a slightly different combination of vegetables into their own skillet on the hob. Consider including bacon as a power vegetable.
  4. Add eggs and cheese. Think you’ve added enough cheese? You haven’t. Add more cheese.
  5. Bake!
  6. Spread the word about Catherine and AJ’s as a ‘social media influencer’.


I think I write the same thing every January, but here it is again: January is a time to stay indoors and plan trips for the rest of the year. We have been pretty successful at planning our big summer trip… but unfortunately this is still seven months away, so I’ll need to improvise some more blog content between now and then.

So let’s see… we played Codenames with Toggolyn and friends, in which it was demonstrated again that Codenames is a stressful, stressful game which lures couples into massively overthinking each other. Much easier to play with someone you’ve never met before. We had dinner with Randi’s cousin, Arielle, and successfully lured her to Chicago. (Well, it wasn’t really us. It was a job. But we didn’t put her off.) I got to see Saujanya after way too long, albeit with the good excuse that she lives in Australia now, and through her I also got to see Katie & Mike again: a couple I know largely through Goodreads, but are great. We also dogsat Willow again, played more Citadels, had brunch with Michaela and Andy, and celebrated Julie’s birthday by watching a live US Senate feed as the government shut down*. Oh, America.

Randi the Wizard

Randi the Wizard

*Blogging behind the scenes trivia: this statement is actually a half-truth. Really, we celebrated Julie’s birthday on one evening, and then the next evening Joe and Julie also happened to come over with doughnuts – we are neighbours, after all – and we watched the Senate vote. But this was extraneous detail, so I simply merged the two nights together and retold them as if they had been a single event. Do you feel deceived? Just wait till you find out that Randi isn’t actually a wizard…

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January Scrapbook

  1. High quality use of your status as a social media influencer. You’re welcome to make your own breakfast here any time.

  2. The Cat Lady Upstairs says:

    The wizard robe is incredible!!! Let’s send Randi to Hogwarts!

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