Blogging by email – and IE Team Blog

Now this is good – I’ll certainly be seeing the Blogger web interface less often!

Speaking of blogs, I’ve been reading an awful lot of recently. It’s the Internet Explorer team blog, which is fascinating to read, because if there is any component of Windows that’s crying out for a big feature update, it’s Internet Explorer. Want to know if tabbed browsing, full CSS support or any other goodies long seen in Firefox (among others) will make there way into the world’s most used browser? Read this.

Ummmm… What else? Well, school is back, along with homework (grr) and lots of cool people too (yay) I’ve already become part of a team that will produce an insert for a local newspaper, and with OFSTEAD (run and hide) coming, I might even get a chance to interview the inspectors. I want to call the article “Who watches the watchers?” but I know I’ll get over ruled

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