The blogger has returned!

OK, so now I’m really back, and with a tiny improvement to this very blog (you can now email posts to a friend, would you believe?)

Between unpacking – and yeah, the holiday was greatly relaxing – I’ve been reading about Microsoft’s gut of Longhorn, watching ‘My Architect’ at the cinema which will reveal who was responsible for 60s concrete monstrosities among other things, and generally getting re-aquatinted with technology. And, of course, technology failing. The signal on our TV has gone down from over 70% to around 6. Grrrr…

Oh, and I read Bill Byson’s wonderful book – A Short History of Nearly Everything. Get a whirlwind tour through the gigantic universe of scientific breakthroughs throughout history up to the present day, and wonder at the huge amount we don’t know about our own planet even now. Served alongside the more personal, and often bizarre stories about the men and women who made the great discoveries, this book is never boring, always fascinating.

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