Windows Media Player 10

Just installed the final version of MP10 and nothing major to report really. The only noticeable difference from version 9 is the interface, which is nice, if a bit ‘mac-ish’

I did like what happened when I clicked on ‘Online Stores.’ NO AVAILABLE ONLINE STORE FOR YOUR LOCATION’ blasts an unfriendly message from a clearly US-centric program. Ah well, you can’t win em all on release day – can you?

Oh, and Microsoft released a brand new visualisation (they spell it with a z, I don’t) to celebrate this joyous day. And it features clouds. Funny, cause ‘Windows’ and ‘Clouds’ seem so familiar…

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Windows Media Player 10

  1. Anonymous says:

    (Posted By Rob)

    Didn’t know it was released until i checked your blog

    Yeah nice interface and generally good

    (one of the things i like about having broadband is if when a better version of a programme comes out it isn’t a starin to download it!)

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