Beautifully modelled, I’m sure you’ll agree

Returning to Cambridge (and SexFest banners!)

Just had a lovely evening watching The Shadow In The North from Christmas with Irfan (thank you, BBC iPlayer!) which was well worth seeing. (Message to people at home: watch it!) Yes, I’m back in Cambridge, and people have been drifting back over the weekend: Michael arrived today, in lovingly cynical form as usual. Looking forward to seeing Joe and Sophie tomorrow, too! And then term starts properly on the 15th, so hectic work will of course commence… (It should be noted that I do have some leftover hectic work to do in the meantime )

Although I mentioned the banners Lucy and I created to sponsor SexFest 08 at the time, before I left London I met up with Joshua for a lovely pub lunch, and took the opportunity to capture shots of them for posterity. So here they are!

Beautifully modelled, I’m sure you’ll agree

Beautifully modelled, I’m sure you’ll agree

SexFest 08: It’s ironic

SexFest 08: It’s ironic

They’re a fitting way to remember everyone back home, too. Until I return!

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3 Comments on :
Returning to Cambridge (and SexFest banners!)

  1. Lucy says:

    Agh my beautiful children!

    (OK so one is slightly more beautiful and got the looks. The other got the brains?)


  2. Jakov says:

    is it me or is Josh is missing a pupil in the second picture?

    after some resizing i have to conclude that josh is in fact a vampire!

  3. Abbi says:

    Look at Josh posing!! I love it!

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