The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

Without having read the book, I saw The Kite Runner tonight along with Joshua, Sanna, Abbi and Saoirse. It was a beautiful film… enormously sad and very moving, though with some some very funny and uplifting moments in amongst it all. The depiction of Afghanistan under Soviet occupation and then the Taliban is suitably bleak, and I couldn’t watch the scene of public stoning. You couldn’t really get a better example of the worst that humanity is capable of sinking to.

Anyway – it was a very good film, and a great evening with wonderful people. Who I will soon be leaving again, for I’m back to Cambridge on Saturday! It will be lovely to see everyone there too, though

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The Kite Runner

  1. Helen H says:

    Hi Dom,
    Happy New Year!

    Just a plea for you to read the book, too. Really stunning, wonderful the way Hosseini creates the ‘otherness’ of the culture (to us Westerners, of course) by visual and natural descriptive stuff and by use of the language.
    I imagine that’s MUCH easier to set up in a film context, so I think the book is really clever and accomplished.

    Yet to see the film, looking forward to it, and to reading his new one.

    Have a good term!

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