“What kind of money, Denny?!”

The Room

A nicely fulfilling day yesterday! Went to lunch with Andrew and cousin Jamie, who’s spending her last couple of days with us. It’s been really great having her around, not least because of her enthusiasm for Firefly and generosity in helping me plan my California travels next month. (Less than a month to go before I’m off to the States now… exciting!) Then came back to more research and draft-reading for Melissa, whose book is now taking shape. Quite apart from the content, it’s actually just really interesting to watch the process of writing a book up close, rather than just encounter a finished product all printed and bound and on sale. And then in the evening I went out to a lovely little gathering of Cambridge-peeps organised by Maryam: unsurprisingly, both education and Psychic TV came up. (Since my last post on here I’ve been followed by another ‘psychic’ on Twitter, whose website boasts a number of extraordinary predictions for 2011, delivered in creepy-trance-dialogue fashion with more than a twinge of Glenn Beck in the air. Needs to be seen to be believed.)

“What kind of money, Denny?!”

“What kind of money, Denny?!”

Needs to be seen to be believed’? Why, that’s a highly convenient segue onto the pinnacle of yesterday: seeing The Room with Grace, Charlotte and Saoirse. In case you haven’t heard of the cult of The Room, it’s a notoriously awful film from 2003 which has generated a loyal fan base of adherents who enjoy watching one of the worst film ever made. And, truly, it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a cinema – The Room is gratuitously terrible and absolutely hilarious. So many standout moments to choose from: the terrible sex scenes, the fleeting and never mentioned again breast cancer, Denny’s battle with drugs… if you don’t see this film, you’re missing out.


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The Room

  1. SAOIRSE says:


  2. Abbi says:

    Why is the pschic talking in JarJar Binks’ voice?

  3. Red Dalek says:

    I believe JarJar – or ‘Dream Mist’, as he is apparently otherwise known – is merely speaking *though* the psychic, a method of channelling between the physical world and the spirit world which includes, as an unavoidable by-product, the unfortunate side effect of making the psychic appear to be UTTERLY MENTAL…

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